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4 Back-to-Basics Tips for the Holidays

As you start surfing the web for gifts and increasing your online purchasing in preparation for the holidays, a lot can happen on the tech side of things. Nothing’s worse than heading to checkout on a site, only to have your computer crash. Or, perhaps it’s started glitching and exits out of your Internet browser randomly when you use it? Whatever the case, here’s a few basic things you can do to troubleshoot these issues before they get worse:

1. Task Manager/Rebooting Computer

Often, the most effective fix is also the easiest. If you start noticing programs glitching, try opening task manager on your computer and closing down the program(s) that are causing issues. You can also simply restart the computer, which often clears out issues.

2. Update Your Computer

Finding the time to update your computer is another easy way to ensure programs are working correctly. Many times, your browser or apps simply need the newest updates to fix the bugs or glitches that the previous versions had. Updates also increase the security measures, which means that your online gift shopping will be as secure as it can be.

3. Check the Cord Connections

If you notice the Internet getting disconnected, check the cords! This is a simple fix that’s quite common – sometimes the cords come unplugged and can cause all kinds of issues. Simply unplug and re-plug the Internet cords into the computer/wall connection, and if this doesn’t work, give us a call!

4. You’re Probably Not Alone

Check with the people around you to see if they’re having the same issue. Often times if you’re having a wireless or Internet connection issue, the people around you are, too! If it’s a shared problem, and it’s something that isn’t easily fixed by reconnecting cords or rebooting your computer, it’s something we’ll handle!

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