Celebrating three years!

August 3, 2017

Cole can deliver a clever one-liner like no one else in the office.

Today marks a special day for our very own Cole McCrory.

As of today, Cole has been at Tarrant Technology for exactly 3 years! Cole works as a Systems Consultant, so on any day you can find him providing on-site support and assisting clients with all their tech needs. The team can always count on Cole to bring plenty of laughter and a new pair of patterned socks to the office each day. While there are lots of great things about Cole, here are some of our favorites:

“He can pull off the untucked look.”


“He desperately wants to be a hipster.”


“Cole has a way with words.”


“His eyes – I just get lost in them.”


“He likes salads as much as I do.”


Striking poses for the camera is just one of Cole's many talents.

An Interview with Cole McCrory


Fort Worth, TX

Favorite Hobby


Favorite TV Show

Shameless on Netflix

How did you get your start at Tarrant Technology?

I worked for one of Tarrant Technoloy’s clients (Five Star Foods).

What is your favorite thing about Tarrant Technology?

There is lots of room to learn. I like the opportunities for advancement.

What is your favorite thing about Fort Worth?

The social life!

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