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Dark Web ID Scanning

The dark web. That sounds…dark. And scary. You have probably heard about it through movies or anti-virus software on your computer but what exactly is it? The dark web is a part of the internet that is not indexed or accessible by your traditional search engines like Google or browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Criminal activity abounds and you can buy all sorts of credit card numbers, login credentials, and other data. It is estimated that over 50% of all Dark Web sites are used for criminal activities. Even using your work email on websites like Expedia, Salesforce, eBay, Amazon, Adobe, and more can put your entire company vulnerable to a breach.

So, can anything be done to protect you? What are some concrete measures can you take to prevent your passwords and personal information from showing up somewhere in it? Tarrant Technology uses a program called Dark Web ID to protect our clients from all the scary things that go on in the dark web. We are certified in Dark Web Monitoring.

Dark Web Scanning uses a dark web ID login to act as a search engine that will index the sites and data breaches that your typical Google search cannot. By simply entering an email address into the scanner, it will search for any and all data breaches from organizations where you have an account and show you what passwords were exposed and where the data breaches originated.

Additionally, Dark Web ID is constantly monitoring activity on the dark web and proactively searching for compromises in data or threats to your company.  While attacks on company networks are sometimes unavoidable, Dark Web ID drastically improves response time to mitigate risk and control damage.

Have more questions? Email support@tarranttech.com or call 817-870-9977 for more information and to make sure your company stays off the dark web. 

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