Efolder vs. Dropbox

There’s a massive difference between consumer-grade and business-grade file sync services. Dropbox tends to be the go-to file sync service that most people think of, but here’s a few reasons why Dropbox isn’t the most secure business-grade file service:

Past Issues

Dropbox has had issues with keeping its users’ information secure ever since it was founded, culminating in the 2012 breach of millions of user accounts. Since then, Dropbox claims to regularly re-hash the password encryption algorithm, but its history of mistakes has made a subset of its users slightly concerned. It is also primarily geared toward providing consumer-grade file syncing services – meaning that the basic structure of its services isn’t equipped to deal with onslaughts of hackers attempting to break into the system.


Using the consumer-grade file sync service that Dropbox provides is risky, especially when using it for your business or your clients’ business. It is the largest cloud storage service in the world, making it the target of many hackers’ attention. It’s also part of government programs that allow for screening of content that is shared, which means that your information isn’t quite as confidential as you might have thought.

Alterative Solution: Anchor by Efolder

Anchor is a service that has been designed for business use. Its three pillars, listed below, are what make it better-equipped to handle your business needs:

Eliminate the file servers: Efolder believes that a remote server eliminates the need for a local file server, reducing the security risks involved with having a physical server in the office. It also gets rid of the hassles of VPN or FTP, which makes it easier on you!

Data Backup and Ransomware Protection: Anchor’s Revision Rollback and Snapshot features enable Anchor to provide the added layer of security that makes it a better service.

  • Revision rollback: a feature that becomes useful when/if a malware attack happens on your information. It can restore each document’s previous versions, as well as determine when you uploaded information that was infected, and then roll back the files to a point before the infection.
  • Snapshot: Certain malware attacks can change, recreate, or delete information in files and the file names themselves. The Snapshot feature allows for recovery from these attacks by restoring the data as it existed before the attack.

Secure Share for Business Productivity: This is one of the most vulnerable points in the Dropbox structure, and is one of Anchor’s areas of excellence. Although it may be compared to Dropbox features, Anchor’s sharing process was built specifically for MSPs, making it easier to manage clients from a single panel, as well as adding layers of security.

Having these added features within a file-sharing and storage service is no longer optional. Today’s online world is full of ransomware and hackers searching for ways into business accounts – using a service that was created for the purpose of securing company data, not just every-day information, is crucial to the business’s security. At Tarrant Technology, we also provide Anchor to all of our contracted clients. It’s part of our security service package because we know how important it is to the health of your business!

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