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Flashbacks, Spooky Style

In celebration of the holiday, we thought a quick blast to the past would be interesting – little did we know the costumes our team would have buried deep in their photo albums!

1. Patrick Yonkin – Riff Raff at the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Austin

The first Halloween he and his wife lived there, they dressed up for the Halloween show – only to have Patrick win the pre-show costume contest! 

2. Craig Christopher and his wife – Vacation

This costume is pretty spot-on – down to the license plate handbag! 

3. Stephen Barajas – Penguin

When you get a costume for your dog, it only makes sense to try it on first to make sure it’s flattering….

3. Caleb Payne – Captain America, Ramsay Bolton, Nathan Drake

Caleb’s got a few different looks in his past Halloween days. He made this Captain America costume entirely by hand, including using three different colors of duct tape to create Captain’s (incredibly accurate) shield!

The resemblance for this character comparison is truly uncanny – Ramsay Bolton, a Game of Thrones character, or Caleb Payne, your neighborhood IT guy?

And for the grand finale – Caleb’s Nathan Drake costume. This one made it into the Fort Worth Star Telegram!

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