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Intern Spotlight: Thomas Mullins

Thomas Mullins, Systems Consultant Intern and most recent addition to the Tarrant Tech team, has been working with us for just over two weeks. We asked him a few simple questions to get to know him better!

1. Hometown/Education

Born and raised right here in Fort Worth, Texas, Thomas is going to be a sophomore this year at University of Texas at Austin. 

2. Siblings/Pets

He has one older sister, Kirstin. No pets!

3. How did you get into IT work?

He is, incredibly, mainly self-taught! Growing up, when a computer would crash or a system would break down, he was the family member who would get on the phone with the service company and try to figure out how to fix the issue. He had an aptitude for the work, and after more practice and learning, he is working right alongside our Systems Consultants to troubleshoot IT issues that arise from our clients.

4. How is your experience so far?

He responded that things are going pretty great – the work culture is one of getting things done, and he appreciates that people work hard and have good relationships around the office.

5. Favorite movie, to-date?

His answer was a quick one – Brick! He described it as an early Joseph Gordon Levitt film, and recommended that we check it out if we hadn’t seen it.

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