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A Guide to Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

At Tarrant Technology, we are constantly on the lookout for the best products and services to deploy for our customers. We want to make sure that every aspect of your business technology is always protected, which is why we have created our very own Security Best Practices Checklist.  When meeting with us, we will go through the list step-by-step and tailor enhancements and solutions to fit your goals and existing security and technology protocol. In this blog, we would like to highlight a few of the advanced products we use to ensure your business success without threats of hackers or malware.


For managed detection and response (MDR) as well as managed risk, we use Arctic Wolf and Huntress. Managed detection and response is a service that, essentially, is like having your very own secret service or gatekeeper for your data. They are constantly searching for threats and if a threat is discovered, they respond immediately. MDR is an essential safeguard for the modern business because of the continuous advancement of data technology and increasingly creative and elusive threats or attacks. Managed detection and response services are also a way to reduce the amount of time, personnel, and cost spent on maintaining and monitoring threats to your company in one fell-swoop. Arctic Wolf’s MDR works with your existing IT infrastructure to monitor information and can be customized to monitor a variety of platforms and applications. Their MDR observes suspicious activity, identifies details about the incident, and determines how to remediate the incident. Arctic Wolf also analyzes the factors and indicators involved in the alert in order to provide recommendations to your business about how to prevent future similar attacks. Above all, MDR addresses some of the biggest problems that cybersecurity and IT teams face today: evolving threats, increased costs, and personnel shortage.


But what’s the difference between managed detection and response and managed risk? The two services work hand-in-hand, but there are a few nuances of Arctic Wolf’s managed risk product. Managed risk is scanning networks, endpoints, and cloud environments for any risk (software, assets etc.) 24/7. The managed risk scans beyond simple vulnerability assessment tools and takes a more proactive approach to security by identifying gaps.


Finally, we also use Huntress which is a similar type of MDR product as well.  We use Huntress with all of our clients on all of their machines—this product collects and analyzes metadata about every application scheduled to automatically execute when a computer boots up or when a user logs into the system. Huntress is always hunting for hackers and kicks them out as soon as access is established. Huntress partners with us to detect threats that might slip past antivirus.


Tarrant Technology is here for your company every step of the way to ensure that you are using security best practices and to help prevent or deal with potential issues that arise. Interested in learning more about these products and our best practices? Send us an email or call us today!

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