Our Community | Tarrant Technology, LLC

Fort Worth is our home.

For nearly two decades, we have loved serving and connecting with the people and businesses of this community.

'The biggest small town'

Proudly serving our Fort Worth family

We love Fort Worth! Around here we like to call it “the biggest small town” because it feels quaint. Our company – just like this city – thrives on connections and personal relationships. The people of this community are what drive us to succeed. That’s why you can always expect genuine care and authentic support from our team – and it’s also why we get involved with community events and make it a mission of ours to help businesses who help others. 

Mission to Serve

Helping you help others

Our mission is to service companies who serve our community. In order to do this, we work closely with many nonprofit organizations in Fort Worth. We provide the IT they need to run their operations seamlessly and continue to improve the lives of those in Fort Worth. We offer our services and support to these companies at a discounted rate because we believe in enabling them to make the greatest possible impact in our community. These organizations are commendable for their commitment to making our community a better place, and we are proud to be a part of their teams!