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The Newest Update on Office 365
for Mac Users

With September comes the usual monthly update to Office 365 – along with some new changes.

Microsoft has announced this change to all Mac subscribers to Office 365 services. Starting with this September’s Office 365 update, all Macs must be running at least macOS Sierra or macOS High Sierra in order for the update to occur. This applies not only to the September update, but to all updates going forward – meaning that if you haven’t updated yet, it’s probably time! 

Based on past updates,  the September update should probably be released mid-month. It will include Office 2019 features and updates to current apps. Going forward, Office is going to update Mac subscriptions only if the Mac is running one of the two most-recent software updates. As inconvenient as this might be, it’s a great incentive to keep your Apple computer up-to-date, not only allowing Office features to be refreshed but also keeping bug fixes and other Mac features current as well!

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