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iPhone Email & Calendar Solutions

Have you ever encountered problems with the iPhone calendar or email app? Matt Pryde, one of our Senior Systems Consultants, gave us some helpful hints about both.

Before coming to work with us, Matt gained quite a lot of experience working with smartphones and their many issues. He has found that people had common issues when it came to iPhones and their email-related applications. So, we got him to share some of his insights in the hope that they could be helpful:

Problem 1: Email

Matt noticed a reoccurrence of people with iPhones having issues with their email apps. These issues usually have to do with the fact that the users have multiple email accounts linked to the same app. Often, the app simply stops updating, and although it can still be opened, no new mail would come into the inbox. Obviously, this presents a major issue to the iPhone user; so many of us are completely reliant on our schedules! If this has happened to you (like it has to me), use this simple fix:

  1. Go into Settings.
  2. Find the “Accounts and Passwords” section and click into it.
  3. Find the account that isn’t working (many times, this is your Office 365 or Exchange account).
  4. Swipe the mail account switch to “off” – this will prompt a pop-up to appear, telling you that this action will delete the account. This can be daunting when you’re doing it by yourself! It won’t delete the ENTIRE account, just the account on the email app on your phone. Your true account is 100% safe & sound.
  5.  Swipe the main account switch back to “on.”  The account will reconnect and download all your recent emails for the default time period (usually 3 weeks back)

Problem 2: Calendar

Ever missed a meeting because your calendar note simply “didn’t show up”? The calendar app, too, has been the reason behind many people’s visits to see Matt over the years. Usually, the calendar issue has something to do with multiple email accounts being linked together in the same calendar app. Each email account has a different color associated with its calendar events within the app. As far as we know, the colors assigned to the email accounts are completely random and vary from phone to phone.

What Matt has figured out, however, is that SOMETIMES the calendar randomly selects two very similar colors/the exact same color for each account, which gets confusing when you’re trying to enter calendar notes into different accounts. Here are Matt’s tips on the subject:

  1. When you miss an event because it didn’t remind you or show up in your calendar, it tends to be because that particular account is turned off in the calendar app. Simply go into Settings and turn it back on.
  2. If you have an account you don’t want to be connected to your calendar app because of the complications it causes, you can turn off that individual account in Settings without turning off all calendar linking.
  3. If you have multiple accounts, change their colors to get rid of any possible confusion. To do this, do the following:
  1. Click “Edit” below the sidebar (this may have to be done on your Mac or PC).
  2. Click the “Color” button next to the calendar’s name, and change the color. This will change on all of the devices that are connected to your iCloud!

To learn more about Matt and his experience, read his bio: 

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